Air Company History
Stage I

The initial conditions for the creation of Samarkand Airways company go back to the distant 90s of perestroika times, as well as to the period of the independent Uzbekistan after the USSR collapse. From 1989 to 1995, Asia Air International company successfully operated in Uzbekistan market on charter flights’ provision.

Base airport: Samarkand.

TU 154-B2

100 passengers

Flight attendant No. 1 Filipova O. L.

Flight Samarkand – Sharjah


World Tourism Fair

November 1992

Director General

Vyacheslav Sohibnazarov

First Deputy Director

A. Buranov

Within 1989-1992 the operation of regular passenger charter flights was executed along the following routes:

  • AN-12 Samarkand-Omsk-Samarkand.
  • AN-24-RV Samarkand-Urgench-Rostov/Brest/Lviv.

Since 1992, flights along the following routes were permormed on TU-154-B aircraft:

  • Samarkand – Delhi/Karachi/Sharjah -Samarkand
  • Samarkand – Aleppo/Istanbul-Samarkand
  • Shymkent – Ashgabad- Jeddah – Shymkent.

Later, due to the absence of air transport agreements of the independent Republic of Uzbekistan with some foreign countries, as well as due to imperfect regulatory legislative framework just after the collapse of the USSR, Asia Air could not pass the airline certification process and completed its activities.

Stage II

In 2005 Samarkand Airways company was set up in the form of the Uzbek-American joint venture. The air company obtained Air operator certificate No. 7-0 from the State Inspectorate of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Flights Safety Supervision.

The same year upon receipt of the State license for implementation of airfreight domestic and international transportation Samarkand Airways obtained codes for performance of domestic and international flights.

ICAO code: UZS; IATA codes: C7/732

The main activity of JV Samarkand Airways was aviation and forwarding services provision, the best fitted to the needs and expectations of clients.

Termez Airport

JV Samarkand Airways provided services on cargo and passenger charters, freight forwarding (including parcels and mail), flights handling support, air ticketing and tourist services, as well as acted as the General Agent for Cargo Sales (CGSA) for several airlines operated to/from the Republic of Uzbekistan.

  • Neubrandenburg/Cologne – Termez

  • Shenzhen – Tashkent – Navoi

  • Châteauroux – Urgench/Nukus – Termez

  • Trenton (Canada) – Siauliai – Urgench/Ashgabat – Kabul

Shauliai Airport (refueling)

In 2015 Samarkand Airways activity was put on hold due to the existing complicated market conditions that did not contribute to the successful implementation of economic activities as well as due some changes in the legislative framework in the field of certification.

Stage III 

On December 29, 2020, the Uzbek-American company Samarqand Airways Ltd. reset up took place.

The major foreign founder of the joint venture Samarqand Airways Ltd. is also UMS LLC, a transcontinental corporation based in Kentucky (USA), specializing in cargo and passenger charters, as well as the provision of flight support and aviation consulting services. UMS, LLC has been successfully operating in the Central Asian and Eastern European markets since 2005.

Other founders of the air company are private Uzbek investors, who are specialists in the aviation industry possessing wide and successful experience in the air cargo and passenger transportation market.

The activities of JV Samarqand Airways are devoted to aviation and forwarding services provision, the best fitted to the needs and expectations of clients.

The main activities of the company will become organization of air passenger transportation on aircrafts Airbus 321Neo, Boeing -737-800 types and executive jets Bombardier Global 5000/6000, as well as the provision of aircraft ground handling support services in the Central Asian region.

Base airports: Tashkent, Samarqand.


Other activities will be the freight forwarding services (including parcels and mail), sale air tickets and tourist services.

Aircraft type




Airbus 320
Airbus 321
Airbus 321-Neo
Airbus 321-Neo 
2nd-3rd quarter 2021
July-August 2021